I had the saddest daydream (well, not sad really just DRAMATIC) for Accidental Revolution AU? One of the protests by vampires got out of hand and spilled over into the hospital where Marigold was staying. They were attacking the human doctors, likening them to the lab technicians who tortured them? And since Marigold’s door read “Dr. Adir” they stormed her room to attack her too? Only Elodie was there with her and she defended Marigold for like two hours straight until Astor realized what was happening and rushed to the hospital. Marigold perfectly safe and untouched, but hysterical because Elodie at that point was bruised and beaten and about to pass out? Things get settled and under control once more and when Elodie wakes up in the hospital bed she immediately asks after Marigold. Astor had just happened to be in the room leaving some flowers on Marigold’s behalf and the little Malakhim’s concern for his mum touched him.


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