Now I have this lovely daydream for Adoption AU? It’s like, a bad night during the war? Still growing used to his new bedroom and up late at night Astor can hear bombs going off several miles away. Even though the neighborhood where Marigold and he live is more than safe, he can’t help but remember the bombings of nests, of the hospital. Slowly he creeps towards Marigold’s bedroom – not really sure what he’s seeking. Peering through the door he sees her, sleeping like THIS. Like she looks so perfect, so clean and safe and angelic. Without even really realizing it his little feet carry him toward her, toward the woman who’s always resulted in safety and security. His small, clawed hand reaching for the one just toward the edge of the bed? And just as he touches it, she wakes up. Not startled, not screaming…just kind of slowly shifting to face him. “Hello, Astor…” She whispers, knowing that something must be scaring him. And next thing you know she’s scooting to the side, “I’m having a terrible time sleeping, would you mind joining me? They say it’s easier if you’re with someone you trust. I trust you, will you trust me?”


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